What Does Travel Insurance Cover


Travel insurance can a little tricky to understand. There are so many travel insurance agencies that then offer multiple different plans that contain their own policies. In a nutshell, you just have to do the research and find one that covers your most likely to occur needs. There are also 5 basic things that traveler…


Travel Insurance for One Trip


You may have been considering travel insurance ever since you found out your honeymoon trip is going to cost $10,000 for you and your partner. On one side, you’re already spending a lot of money and you’re thinking do you need to spend even more on something that might not be necessary. On the other…


Travel Insurance: Buying Direct


If you do a simple Google search for travel insurance, you’re going to be bombarded with every insurance company that’s trying to convince you to go with their plan. You’ll find that buying insurance directly through your travel agency can be more beneficial than looking through multiple sites to find exactly what you need. Benefits…


How to Choose Travel Insurance


A lot of people passively disregard the value of travel insurance. In some instances, especially if you travel a lot, it can actually be pretty beneficial. However, there can be just as many cons if you don’t buy the right plan to match your needs. Often, people won’t read the fine print of their newly…


Calculating Risk: Should You Buy Travel Insurance?


If you’ve read the other articles on this site, listing what travel insurance includes, and if you should buy it or not, you’re probably wondering if there is a way to calculate if travel insurance is right for your specific situation. While it’s generally advised that you protect yourself with insurance overseas if you travel…


Travel Insurance Information


While travel has become a commonplace event for many people, travel insurance information is something from which far more people can benefit. There are basic details that should be known by every traveler when it comes to travel insurance information so they can plan their trips accordingly. What is Travel Insurance Information? Travel insurance information…


Berkely Travel Insurance


Many people decide to invest in travel insurance before they take their trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by train, airplane, ship, bus, or car, travel insurance is an absolute necessity to ensure the safety and security of your health and belongings. When you take out travel insurance with Berkelycare, the company will explain…


Medipac Travel Insurance


MEDIPAC Travel Insurance Medipac is a Canadian insurance company offered by Medipac Assist. This organization has endorsements from the Canadian Snowbird Association and the Royal Canadian Legion. Medipac also has an extremely simple package system that includes three types of insurance plans for you. These plans include: The MediPac 23-Day Annual Plan MediPac Travel Medical…


iTrek Travel Insurance

iTrek travel insurance

iTrek travel insurance is one of Australia’s top insurance companies. They provide several types of insurance through their website store. Unlike many other insurance companies, they sell directly to the public instead of going through an agent. This makes it possible for iTrek insurance to offer their services for reasonable and affordable prices. They also…