Travelsure Travel Insurance

travelsure travel insurance

As the world continues to change, travel insurance has become an essential part of helping people that travel on a regular basis. Choosing the right kind of insurance can save your trip from disaster. Travelsure travel insurance has been a leading provider of insurance for people that frequently go from place to place. Everyone from students to businessmen has found their prices and policies both fair and affordable.

Your Flight Was Cancelled

In the past, airports were dotted with travel insurance booths, offering large premiums if your plane runs into technical difficulties. This type of insurance is the most expensive but not always necessary.

Travelsure is there to advise you on the options for your unique situation. Travel insurance today covers you if a flight is cancelled or if a storm puts a halt on your dream cruise. This insurance also covers illness and missed flight connections.

The Airlines Loses Your Luggage with Your Prescription in It

Many people think their health insurance covers them while traveling. However, a lot of insurance companies don’t cover out-of-state travel, let alone travel to another country.

If you’re covered for emergency room visits overseas, your insurance won’t pay the expense of returning you home. You can ask Travelsure travel insurance about “Medical Evacuation” insurance with an annual premium.

Your Passport and Wallet Were Stolen

Trip cancellation policies cover lost, damaged, or even stolen items. Because of the Warsaw Convention, the liability of coverage is $9.07 per pound for checked bags and $400 for carry-ons. If the typical airline allows an average of 55 pounds per suitcase, you’re not compensated for very much.

Travelsure travel insurance can provide you with an “excess valuation” policy. This gives you up to $5,000 additional coverage and you’ll need to make an inventory of your bag.

You’re Going Skiing in the Alps

Travelsure travel insurance has your back when it comes to adventure travel. If you’re planning a skiing trip, driving on the Autobahn, or shooting the rapids on a whitewater voyage, insurance can offer additional coverage for extreme sports.

There is Violence in a Country You’re Traveling To

If a travel warning is issued for a country you’re traveling to, most insurance now covers trip cancellation. You’re also covered if terrorism happens where you are traveling. The outbreak has to be a minimum distance away from you before your policy can go into effect. Check with Travelsure travel insurance for a detailed description.

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